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Important Notices

Wildfire Evacuation Checklist
Click below to view the wildfire evacuation checklist.
Coyote Information from ODFW
The links websites and flyer below were provided by the Assistant District Wildlife Biologist for ODFW in the Newport Office.
Coyotes are a native species well adapted to urban ecosystems. It is not unusual to see them in urban areas, even during the daytime. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to avoiding, minimizing or correcting problems with coyotes. 
If a coyote approaches you or your pet, leave the area. Report aggressive coyotes to ODFW (541-867-4741) or Oregon State Police (541-997-9635).
CTR RECYCLE FLYER (updated June 2022)
Recycle carts with “non-recyclable materials will not be emptied. Individuals will have to sort their carts before the next recycle day in order for them to be emptied.
Proper recycling may increase your actual garbage and exceed your current garbage carts capacity. A larger garbage cart can be obtained, at an additional cost, by calling the Florentine office. Typically, it will be delivered the following Monday by CTR.
The cost to increase the standard cart (35 gallon) to the 65-gallon cart is $4.65 per month. An increase to the 90-gallon cart is currently $14.85 per month. The additional cost will be added to your quarterly statement.
Click the link below to view the updated "Mixed Recycling" flyer.
Useful Evacuation Packing Recommendations, Wildfire or Otherwise
The office was given a handout from a homeowner who received it from an Emergency Coastal Town Hall meeting the other day. Although the fires across the state are getting under control, "evacuation packing recommendations" in the handout would work for most instances for evacuating your homes. I have linked the pages below.
Telephone Scams/Solicitations (Updated 10/30/2019)
I received an email from the city of Florence Police Department regarding a large increase of telephone scams targeting members of our community. I have attached a link below to the press release and will include it in the December Focus Newsletter. Also below you will find a link to the federal Trade Commission website. There you will find valuable information about telephone scams and how to handle them.
Over the last several months the office has heard from different residents regarding calls they receive from solicitors. Some appear to be legitimate others obvious scams. The office has no way of knowing what is a scam or legitimate for certain. 
So I have done a bit of looking online and found the following information from the Federal Trade Commission website (Click here to view FTC Info). The consumer information available here is very informative and easy to read. It outlines several different things to look for and questions to ask when you receive a call you might believe to ba a scam. The site also has a link to file a complaint online with step by step questions. There is also a number to call, 1-888-382-1222.
Senate Bill 998 (new bike laws)
Click the link below to view.
Report from the signage Ad-hoc Committee
The Board created an ad-hoc committee to research and present their finding on requiring contractors/vendors to have visible signs on their vehicles. Their report is attached below.