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Neighborhood Watch Overview

History:  Neighborhood watch goes back to the early colonies when neighborhood members patrolled at night to prevent the theft of our flag. In the 1960’s,  N/W came to prominence due to the increase of crime rates and the National Neighborhood Watch program was created in 1972 to assist citizens and law enforcement  to  make their communities a better place to live. Today, it has been joined with USAonwatch to empower citizen to become active in homeland security as well as crime prevention and making our community safer against all hazards and threats. (For more information contact www.USAONWATCH.ORG)
Mission: The mission of Neighborhood Watch is to “observe and report,” (as printed in the October Florentine Focus). Patrollers are tasked to be aware of their surroundings, know their neighbors, recognize suspicious activity and properly report to the appropriate authority. The Watch program is NOT a program in which participants undertake personal risks to deter crime, or a vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of local law enforcement. They are to report---and not confront. Community members only act as additional “eyes and ears” to law enforcement. They do not take action on observations.  Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense. It teaches residents how to take care of themselves
Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of every resident to participate. Neighborhood Watch begins with YOU knowing your own neighbors and them knowing you!  “WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!”  Your ability to observe and recognize what is usual and customary comes as a result of paying attention and focusing on the daily, ordinary happenings in your neighborhood. And as a vigilant neighbor you should be prepared to notify the proper authority should the need arise. Volunteers who donate their time and resources are typically at the center of observation and communications programs and save the homeowners thousands of dollars annually as an alternative to professional security services.
Security Patrols: Neighborhood Watch conducts random security patrols on a monthly basis through out Florentine.  Patrollers drive throughout the complex observing unusual and suspicious activities and individuals.  They “observe and report” as needed to the local Police department by police radio or cell phone. They do not confront!  Volunteers are needed to staff the patrols.  Window Observers provide “eyes and ears” from their homes, landscapes, gardens or when walking, jogging or biking around their immediate neighborhood being alerted to specific individuals or situations.
Educational Programs:  Neighborhood Watch provides for a number of Educational and Training programs including: Mapping neighborhood resources, Project identification and Disaster preparedness. 
Mapping the Neighborhood:  Provide a list of resources to your Area Coordinator, if you have any of the following:  a portable generator, handy talky, crowbar, hydraulic jack, chain-saw, hand saw, sledge hammer, extension ladder, flood lights, extension cord, ATV/ four wheeler; or other items which might be used during a major event or  power outage.
Project Operation Identification System (OIS):  Electric engravers are available for use by area resident to mark their electronic equipment and other valuable for identification purpose should a theft take place.  Inventory sheets are also available for use to document values and description of individual ownership.  Assistance is also available should the resident require help to complete the project.
Disaster Preparedness: Neighborhood Watch provides preparation and survival information to residents should an earthquake, tsunami or other regional disaster strike. During times of major disaster (earthquake, tsunami, flood, major power outage) Neighborhood Watch functions to provide communication with local and regional CERT teams, providing an assessment of immediate needs and welfare of residents.
Additional Information:  For additional information contact;   Jim Ignatieff Coordinator.