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There are several committees within Florentine Estates.  Here’s some insight as to who they are and what their responsibilities include:
Architectural Control (ACC)
    The ACC reviews and approves plans submitted by lot owners for new homes,
    garages and RV barns, fencing, storage buildings, drainage, concrete, decks,
    porches and patios as well as additions and modifications of existing structures.
           Committee Chair: Del Neeley
Activity Committee
    The Activities Committee plans and hosts social and community activities within Florentine.
           Committee Chair: Bev Hildenbrand
                                         Valerie Lang
Communications Committee
    The primary responsibility of the Communications Committee is to keep the community informed by
    working together with the HOA Board, the General Manager, and other
    committees to build a sense of community by fostering two-way communication, while at the same time
    presenting accurate information in a timely and convenient manner.
           Committee Chair: Debbie Ubnoske
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
     Provide organization, training and assistance in emergencies. Coordinate activities with local agencies.
   Committee Chair: Inactive
Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee works with the Board to ensure all accounting functions are performed in accordance with their charter.
           Committee Chair: Len Larson
Flag Committee
   The Flag Committee displays the American flag on designated National Holidays at
   the Florentine entrance(s) and encourages the same show of patriotism in the other gated communities.
           Committee Chair: Shane McComb
Neighbor to Neighbor “N2N”
    Provide a helping hand to our neighbor(s) just for the pleasure of being able to help them.
           Committee Chair: Lisa Readel
    The Neighborhood Watch program’s mission is to “observe and report” and
    working in cooperation with law enforcement, enlists the active participation of residents in
    Florentine Estates to patrol on a regular basis.  We are proud of our very low crime rate and that
    Florentine residents look out for each other. 
           Committee Chair:  Jim Ignatieff
Nominating Committee
   The mission of the FEHOA Nominating Committee is to encourage Lot Owners to
   become involved in their Florentine Estates community by serving on the Board of
           Committee Chair: Kathy Schimmelman
Welcome Committee
    The Welcome Committee’s mission is to provide a warm welcome to the newest members of Florentine
    Estates, as well as make available helpful information needed in order make their transition into the
    community as smoothly as possible.
            Committee Chairs:  Heather Fisher
If you are interested in chairing a Committee or becoming a member, please contact the office or Committee Chair.