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Important Notices

The Cannery Station PUD submission will be on the agenda for the June 12, 2018 Planning  Commission Meeting. The meeting will be held at the Florence Event Center and will start promptly at 5:30 pm. If you are interested in what will be built there and the many variances being requested plan on attending.  We will put a link to the Cannery Station PUD below when it becomes available. Supporting documents can be found at the bottom of the linked page. The office has the entire PUD at the office. It is too large to send or print. If you would like a copy bring a thumb drive to the office and we will copy it for you. Please call and schedule before coming down.
Report from the signage Ad-hoc Committee
The Board created an ad-hoc committee to research and present their finding on requiring contractors/vendors to have visible signs on their vehicles. Their report is attached below.
Click the links below to view the letter and new recycle flyer from CTR
(LETTER)               (FLYER)
Telephone Scams/Solicitations
Over the last several months the office has heard from different residents regarding calls they receive from solicitors. Some appear to be legitimate others obvious scams. The office has no way of knowing what is a scam or legitimate for certain. 
So I have done a bit of looking online and found the following information from the Federal Trade Commission website (Click here to view). The consumer information available here is very informative and easy to read. It outlines several different things to look for and questions to ask when you receive a call you might believe to ba a scam. The site also has a link to file a complaint online with step by step questions. There is also a number to call, 1-888-382-1222.
Lately there have been several inquiries regarding emails and post cards asking residents to join "Nextdoor Florentine Estates". This is in no way associated with Florentine Estates HOA. It is a company soliciting members to join a "social network" similar to Facebook. They get your email and addresses from others who have signed up with them. They can do this because when you click the check box to agree to their conditions and terms you agree to give them access to your email contacts and the use of your name and street. They then send out emails to people in your contacts and use your name to send out post cards in your surrounding area.
"Nextdoor" is a legitimate company not a scam. They are trying to build "neighborhood networks" However, they ask for quite a bit of access to your private information and use it for self-promotion. I have attached a link below to view a sample of what they send out.
I would also keep in mind that anything they offer can be accomplished by using our Florentine Estates Face Book page without all of the "opt-ins" associated with them. (Click here for Face Book link)
Again, the company seems to be legitimate. It is your choice to join or not. But ask yourself if you want to share your personal information with them. I would also encourage everyone to read the terms and conditions  before clicking the agree box for anything on the internet.