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  • How many homes/lots are there in Florentine Estates?
    There are 449 lots within Floretine Estates. There are currently only two vacant lots for sale.
  • Are the properties individually owned?
    Yes, homeowners own their lots and an equal share of the collective common properties.
  • Is there a HOA?
    Yes, Florentine Estates has a Home owners association.
  • What are the monthly HOA dues, and what services do they cover?
    The monthly dues for the fiscal year 2019/2020 are $112.00, and is billed quarterly ($336.00). The dues cover upkeep and maintenance of all common areas; and all services and financial obligations required to maintain Florentine Estates as a premier senior residential community. Garbage and recycling are also included in the monthly dues.
  • Is Florentine Estates within the city limits of Florence, with access to city services?
    Yes, Florentine Estates is within the the city limits and has all city services.
  • What age restrictions are there for Florentine Estates property ownership?
    Florentine Estates is a 55 & over community. At least one person residing in the home must be over 55 years of age. No lot shall be occupied on a permanent basis by any individual under age 18.
  • Is there available RV/boat/trailer storage within Florentine Estates?
    Yes, there are two RV lots with both electrical and non electrical spaces. Spaces are rented on a first come first serve basis and the renter must be a resident lot owner 
  • How can I find more information about available properties in Florentine Estates?
    Contact your realtor for information or click the link below for a listing of local Florence realtors. Since Florentine Estates is a private gated community we do not allow individuals to tour our community without an realtor.